Executive Career Success Expands Services with Opening of New Groton Office


(Groton, Massachusetts)– Recent surveys conducted across a number of industries indicate career satisfaction rates among executives have hit an all-time low. In fact, more than 60 percent say they would choose a different path if given the chance. Current numbers reflect a 20 percent upsurge over the last three decades with the trend expected to continue along these lines during the years to come. This is old news to Career and Executive Coach, Kim Meninger, who is dedicated to helping those falling into this category make successful transitions into new, more satisfying jobs.

In light of this development, Meninger has announced the latest extension of Executive Career Success. Said Meninger, “It’s no secret so many people are unhappy in their current careers. The problem is most aren’t sure how to go about making a change. They’re too close to the situation to approach matters objectively and they’re under enormous pressure to choose the right path to career fulfillment. We’ve helped hundreds of people find their ideal jobs and we’re proud to announce the opening of our new office in Groton, MA which will allow us to expand our services.”

Analysts list a number of challenges potentially responsible for holding back those interested in transitioning to new careers or advancing in their current fields. Among the most prominent are lack of confidence and fear of uncertainty. Many also find the job market has undergone considerable changes since their last employment search from the standpoints of both technology and sought-after qualifications.

With Executive Career Success, clients participating in the career coaching program get to partner with Kim Meninger, a career coaching expert who provides guidance throughout the transition process. Primary topics covered include pinpointing personal and professional strengths, clarifying career goals, expanding networking capabilities and preparing for interviews among other elements. Those interested may Click Here to view more in-depth information about the company’s career coaching strategies.

Concluded Meninger, “We help clients choose new career paths best suited to their skills, experience and hopes for the future. From that point, we show them ways of marketing themselves to potential employers and effectively leveraging all the networking resources available to them. We also offer support and advice on how they can manage their personal lives and the demands of their current jobs while they work on a strategy to achieve their long-term career goals. In a fast-paced business environment, it could be hard to perform at your best while staying focused on your long-term career goals. A good career coach can provide the right tools and frameworks to help manage this process. With the opening of our new office, we’re looking forward to being able to help even more people find career fulfillment.”

About Executive Career Success:

Offering career coaching, executive coaching and women’s leadership coaching in Boston and surrounding areas, Executive Career Success helps corporate, non-profit, and small business leaders to reach their career goals through increased confidence, visibility and influence.

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5 Takeaways That I Learned About Renovations

Some Tips And Ideas To Make The Best Out Of Your Kitchen Expansions And Additions

If you are a homeowner who is looking for some effective ways to improve the appearance of your kitchens in your homes and properties with the best kitchen expansions in areas such as Ottawa ON, then you can learn from the many insights and tips about this undertaking.

Create A Detailed Kitchen Extension Plan Coordinated With The Layout Of Your Home Kitchen

According to home renovation specialists, having this is important so you can get the best kitchen expansions in areas like Ottawa and in many other places. Make sure to separate analyzing the kitchen functionality and incorporating a great modern design. It pays off to take time to focus on selecting the right colors for your theme, associated with the installation of the perfect cabinets, the setting of good flooring types, the putting up of the right amount of lighting and whether you want countertops placed in your kitchen extension. Furthermore, it will if you can have extension plans that lays out your kitchen without getting out of the whole theme, palette and elements of the entire house.

Be Used To Choosing Only Quality Materials

Kitchens are probably the most frequently visited rooms in the house, which tells how important it is to choose the right and quality materials to make sure that you are only going to get safety, longevity and convenience with the new layout of your kitchen. Kitchen renovation projects need you to use only the best and highest quality of materials, including the elements that will be made in accordance to the whole appearance and design of your houses. However, these aspects should go beyond the side of the aesthetics and beauty but should also touch functionality and quality by considering the right installation techniques and procedures, as well as the perfect layout of cabinets, types of floors and the types of layout employed in the area.

Installing The Proper Ventilation In Your Kitchen

There are specialists who believe that some people neglect the important of having the proper ventilation when it comes to undertaking kitchen expansion tasks. A perfectly ventilated kitchen is going to ensure that you have the right energy efficiency and air quality during the times you are cooking, because you do not want to have unwanted odor and moisture and some bacteria to thrive in your kitchen. In order to have these, you should be able to ask the professional install range hoods, extractor fans and other ventilators to maintain safety and quality of the kitchen, aside from choosing windows, floors and countertops.
The Key Elements of Great Renovations
5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Homes

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Cars? This May Help

What You Should Do with Your Vandalized Car

If you have got a vandalized car, you might be rather distressed. You might ask yourself, for instance, “Who will buy my damaged automobile? ” All things considered, the procedure can be rather scary. If you take some time to consider the general automobile market, you might realize you will be at a loss by trying to sell a damaged car. The process below describes the standard market – but luckily, those who are interested in contacting a professional service are often exposed to an experience that is far more lucrative and far different.

Consider the standard difficulties of selling a damaged auto. First, you need to get the auto into decent form. If you have a car with a damaged body, you may have to pay a lot more for the repair. You will have to repair every problem, or your potential buyers will immediately turn away from the thought of making a purchase. As these difficulties can influence the sales potential of the car in ways that a bad engine never really could, you should consider repairing all the visible damages.

You definitely will not be in a position to negotiate for a fair cost after you have paid the car to be fixed. After all, most buyers are smart enough to recognize that a car, which has been damaged likely, has inherent faults. Even if a buyer can convince that you simply have taken care of each and every difficulty, you nevertheless might be stuck in the position of having a purchaser that’s just willing to purchase your automobile if certain things are done. Coupled with the cash you have spent on repairs, you might end up losing a bit more on the car than expected.
Finding Similarities Between Dealers and Life

Perhaps worst of all, your car that is damaged will need to compete in a market where other vehicles, which might be in considerably, better condition. Whether or not you have spent a lot of money into restoring the car, an automobile that has not been in an accident is probably much easier to promote. Therefore, you may need to let your auto spend months in the marketplace while depriving you of the ability to purchase a new vehicle to yourself. In several ways, this position might seem to be a nightmare.
Automobiles Tips for The Average Joe

Where professionals come in this, you will have a less stressful experience. Your auto can be bought by a professional service like motor businesses, despite the level of damage on the car. In the place of pointing out all the flaws, you will be treated by the professional support as a customer. This will let you make the sale more easily without having to worry about the price of the car. The automobile service will pick the car from you, allowing you even to bypass the high price of having a car towed. In a nutshell, this sort of service will make the sale of a damaged automobile quite pleasant.

Why No One Talks About Automobiles Anymore

Becoming a Commercial Truck Driver Is Easier Than You Think

Commercial truck drivers are well compensated, although most people do not realize this. Many recent college grads make very little money in comparison to commercial truck drivers. With great earning potential and an unlimited amount of job opportunities, truck drivers are able to live a comfortable lifestyle.

Trucking business owners can save money and make an investment designed to aid their business. Today’s advertisements are often misleading and resort to the old bait and switch method. Buyers benefit from doing their research and finding services which provide accurate information about the value of trucks and cars.

In order to be successful one must learn the rules, and have a detailed understanding of how to succeed in the trucking industry. For those who cannot afford to buy a truck, there are leasing options available. Without a truck, you cannot earn money as a truck driver.
Learning The “Secrets” of Services

It’s very easy to purchase a commercial truck and something that is accessible to the masses. Leasing a truck is a good place to start for those who are not ready to own one. To save even more money, you can lease a used truck.
The 9 Most Unanswered Questions about Services

Sales have plummeted in recent years, due to economic troubles and an increase in the price of fuel. Also, used trucks are not as expensive as they were as a result of the economic downturn. Buying new is not necessarily a good idea, considering depreciation is higher than usual.

Commercial truck driving is a fast-growing career and an opportunity for safe drivers who have a passion for being behind the wheel. This is the perfect time to make a career change if you are considering a new lifestyle. People are making serious money, even in today’s struggling economy.

Even if you have your reservations about making this change, there are other benefits to becoming a commercial truck driver. Educate yourself and learn about the rules and regulations commercial truck drivers must adhere to. Lessons are available at colleges and vocational schools, for those who are interested in learning how to become a commercial truck driver. Making a lot of money in a rewarding career isn’t impossible for those who are willing to take the steps to educate themselves.

Take your time and weigh your options before you commit to changing careers and becoming a truck driver. Find someone in your area who can guide you in this career change, in addition to offering you sound truck financing advice.

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Try Drinking the Finest Coffee Products in the Whole World

The coffee addicts, drinkers and coffee lovers most likely have their own daily routines in their lifetime which is drinking a cup of coffee each and every day, because they ought to consider coffee as part of their lives. A type of brewed beverage or drink is what we popularly known as coffee that is specifically prepared by roasting some coffee beans which are basically produced by the seeds of a flowering plant called coffea and is specifically native in the country of Madagascar in the continent of Africa and other places located in the Indian Ocean. The ripe berries of the coffea are processed in three ways, such as picked, processed and dried and after drying the coffee seeds they undergone the roasting process in which the degree of heat depends on the desired taste and the final product which is a coffee drink or beverages can be prepared and served in different methods and ways such as iced coffee, cafe macchiato, French press, espresso, cafe latte, frappe and many others. All kinds of coffee beverages are very popular to every parts of the world that is the reason why most of the businesses and companies like coffee shops, coffee factories, coffee plantation, coffee farms, cafes and appliance manufacturers which sells and produces various kinds of coffee products and kitchen appliances for coffees are most likely earning a lot of money than the other kinds of businesses.

There are a lot of companies that sells the finest tasting coffee products and beverages and the finest brands of coffee maker or coffee machine in the world and most of them are also expensive but it is worth it most especially to the people who loves to drink coffee. The coffee addicts or coffee lovers can search and learn more about that certain coffee product and coffee machines or makers through the TV or radio commercials or ads, the internet, local magazines and newspapers, or simply from the recommendations or word of mouth from their families and friends or other people who are also coffee addicts. The internet is basically the most recognized way of finding out or checking out the details of each and every products that an individual intend to buy since nowadays, most of the business companies are creating and putting up their website online which has informative contents like their complete address, contact details, details of their company, complete list of their products with details and pictures and a space for the reviews and feedbacks written by their former customers or clients and some of them also added their other services like delivery, shipping and online orders and payment transactions.

The Best Advice About Products I’ve Ever Written

Learning The “Secrets” of Coffee

Why No One Talks About Services Anymore

What You Need to Understand About IT Consulting

When you’re looking for ways to maintain your business success in a highly competitive economic environment, there is no doubt that being able to take advantage of technology will be a bonus. The truth is that just about any company that exists today will be able to benefit from using computer technology to help them keep track of their sales and attract new clients. Any company that’s serious about increasing its business offerings will need to be able to master all of the types of information that can come when computers are a major part of the business.

You’re going to find that the best thing you can do for your company when you’re first trying to get your computer system off the ground is to find the right type of professional assistance. This is where it can be helpful to turn to a professional Ann Arbor IT consulting first for assistance. The right type of consultant will be able to help you set up your computer networks and make sure that your servers are strong enough to handle all of the increased demand they’ll be getting. If you really want to know what a great IT consultant will be able to do for your company, make sure to check out the post below.

Before you can get anything developed with your IT consultant, you should make sure you take some time to discuss the goals for your business. The more you’re able to outline the types of things you want to accomplish in your business, the easier it will be for the consultant to really come up with the type of implementation plan that will be able to get the job done. Of course, you’ll also need to think about how involved you want your online operation to be, as the internet will definitely be more useful for some companies than for others.
What I Can Teach You About Companies

As you begin looking around for the kinds of IT consultants that will be able to serve your business most effectively, the quickest thing to look for will be evidence that the consultant has great experience. You can find all kinds of fantastic resources out there to help you judge the types of IT experts you’re considering, but the internet will usually be able to present you with all the information you’ll need to make the right kind of decision.
What Has Changed Recently With Services?

When you’re able to work together with the right kinds of IT consultants, you’ll tend to find it a whole lot easier to ensure you’re getting the kinds of results you want. By taking advantage of what modern technology has to offer, you can be certain that you’re giving your business every chance to succeed.

Schools Tips for The Average Joe

What You Must Know Relevant To Preschool

Starting a preschool is a superb option for women to produce a healthy income although staying at home. The growing population implies there is a developing demand for schools along with other educational related businesses. The expense of childcare and early childhood schooling is fast going up and parents at the moment are more than ever prepared to shell out whatever is necessary to make certain that their kid’s schooling and future is protected.

Among the finest business ideas is to get started on a preschool and stimulate the welfare and thoughts of our younger children. One does not need to have to possess a lot of educational history about educating children to start an effective preschool. Many preschool owners commence as parents, much less early childhood training graduates.

To begin a preschool, the biggest investment decision you’ll have is buying talented staff. You need to employ capable and knowledgeable lecturers to create an aggressive preschool program. If you don’t have a lot of track record in early childhood improvement educational, you will have to trust the individuals you hire to make the lesson plans and supply supervision over the kids.
Study: My Understanding of Services

Remember that parents have faith in teachers and therefore you must make sure the kids are protected and viewed over continually. The teachers would be the ones interacting with the youngsters more often than not, and they’ll be those shaping the kids’ outlook for the long run. Investing in good instructors is the first go when commencing a preschool.
Lessons Learned About Schools

When You begin a preschool and also have little or no track record about education and learning or early childhood progress, it is recommended that you simply read up and seek the advice of with Individuals who have been in the sector for quite a while or who have encountered in beginning a preschool. It’s also possible to do research on the Web or look for bookstores for reference resources. You can also achieve knowledge and experience alongside the way.

The important thing you must remember when you need to get started on a preschool is usually to always have the desire and welfare of the children in mind. Shaping the way Little ones think And exactly how they react to ordeals will be partly your decision. Preschool needs to organize them for kindergarten.

The preschool You begin should have the ability to teach them to communicate with kids their age, appreciate new encounters and discover the basics like figures and their alphabet. As a preschool proprietor, you’ll want to deliver the teachers with a terrific curriculum or lesson strategies that are aggressive and simultaneously, enjoyable. Preschools primarily hone kids’ social and behavioral expertise. They encourage little ones being Artistic and become imaginative to shine and enrich their believed course of action.

News For This Month: Paddleboards

Paddle Boards: How To Choose

Looking for a paddle board today can be little tough as there are a lot of varying reports on what is the best paddle boards for beginners. For any person who wants to enjoy and have fun using paddle boards, there is only one thing they have in mind and that is to stay on board. For any beginner who could not keep himself on the board is likely to lose patience and eventually give up as paddle boarding is about stability and staying on board.

You may not know this, but when it comes to stability there are handful of factors that you might want to check and this article will help you choose a paddle board for beginner. If you wish not to read further, a beginner can always choose a board that is 10’6″ long x 30″ wide x 4″ thick or larger.

For those who are curious about why this range is going to work. The stability on your side to side motion when you are standing upright on a board as well the amount of flotation when you are standing up on a board along with your body weight to balance into it. Width, length and thickness is where they pay their part.
Most often it is length x width x thickness = volume When the paddle board provides better volume, the more it is stable. Although volume is not quite necessary on the component. When you choose a wider paddle board, it is able to carry more surface water and there is a slim chance of falling over. It also the same features when you choose to have a longer paddle board.
What No One Knows About Products

There is one logic on the length. When you choose to buy the biggest paddle board you can find, it would work just fine. Now that you are able to balance on the paddle board and is now looking for a paddle board that is easy to maneuver, then you do not have to choose a longer board as it would be very difficult to maneuver and it is also very difficult to balance when you think about the length of the board. When you choose of buying a paddle board, you do not simply think of your level of expertise but rather you have to think of your body weight on what type of board that is able to carry your weight.
The Beginners Guide To Gear (Getting Started 101)

If you are panning of carrying it then you also have to consider the load of the board. If you are unable to lift your board off your vehicle, then it is also likely that you are unable to carry your board down the river very often. Choosing a smaller board is the next best option for you if you have weight issues with your board.

The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Companies

IT & Telecom Solutions: Advantages of IP Phone Systems

An IP PBX is an entire system that allows people to make phone calls using IP data networks. All discussions are sent as data packets over the system. This innovation incorporates advanced communication features as well as some measure of effortless scalability and robustness. The IP PBX is also capable of connecting with traditional PSTN lines by means of an optional gateway – so upgrading everyday business correspondence to this state of the art system is very convenient.

Businesses do not have to disturb their present external communication infrastructure and operations. Through an IP PBX, a firm can even maintain its old phone numbers. IP phone systems are budget-friendly telecommunications systems which are used with Voice over Internet Protocol technology, which sends audio as data or packets over the Internet to either a computer user or to a landline telephone. IP phone systems merges the advantages of both computer-based and telephone-based work systems. It is a great option for companies, institutions, and medical facilities.

Benefits of IP Phones
Getting Down To Basics with Telecommunications

Mobility – IP Phones can simply be moved from one work area then onto the next, and they will still get the configuration data and hold your extension there. Voice Over WiFi Phones can still function with the use of wifi system and thus can be carried around the building – making a mobile landline.
Why not learn more about Companies?

Ease of Use – You will find IP phone handsets just as easy to operate as regular cell phones. To place a call, you just have to key in the phone number and select send. Calls are then get routed into the public-switched phone network through your IP carrier.

Saves Money – The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard of IP phones allow users to make an Internet phone call to any place in the world for a flat fee or reduced rates. Traditional phone systems are costly. Installation is intrusive, reconfiguration requires a lot of time and physical system modifications, and maintenance and repairs can cost a lot. The merging of mobile phones and internet access in a single system will save a lot of money for the company.

Keeping Your Phone Number – Even in you move, IP phones has features that will allow you to retain your current phone number as long you have high speed internet access.

Virtual Phone Number – Your IP phone will also let you have a virtual phone number, even with an area code of another state if you are targeting customers there.

Scalability – It is not generally easy to foresee how many telephones you’ll need throughout a given fiscal year, and if you have a conventional phone system, you need to evaluate precisely to prevent wasting money on phone lines you will not use.

The Key Elements of Great Professionals

The Role of a Lock Technician

A locksmith is a person equipped with the knowledge of fitting door locks and alarm systems to houses and buildings. Repair of broken locks is one of the duties bestowed upon a lock technician. Doors and locks are part of our everyday life. Houses fitted with an elaborate lock and alarm systems are more secure than those without. Due to the above, locksmiths are very key individuals in modern society since they help create good secure environments for people to live in.

The work of a lock technician is to install, service and repair the locks to a building or vehicle. It is a common occurrence for locks and security alarm systems to crumble whenever they have been made use of over long spans of time. Lock breakdown calls for the immediate attention of a locksmith. In addition to this, it is his responsibility to carry out regular maintenance of all the lock systems in a building. Cleaning and greasing of lock parts is one way of ensuring that the existing lock systems last for a very long time to come.

Whenever an existing lock and alarm system is completely damaged, it is the mandate of the technician to do a replacement on behalf of his client. A locksmith is compelled to change a key whenever its original version has been destroyed. Many a time we find that we have broken the only key to a building or room. Key duplicates can only be made by a locksmith.
Interesting Research on Companies – Things You Probably Never Knew

Locksmiths are a jack of all trades and master to none. This is because his services are also needed in the corporate world. In companies that take privacy and security seriously, the lock technician is compelled to design key card locks that only accommodate workers with a given level of clearance. It is the duty of a lock technician to ensure that real-time records of people holding the keys to a building have been kept. This is to improve on accountability especially when disaster strikes.
A Quick Overlook of Services – Your Cheatsheet

System failure might be as a result of one or two broken parts in the system and this, therefore, calls for replacement of such items by a lock technician. Replacement of these parts helps save on money that could have otherwise been spent to purchase a new lock in the absence of the technician.

It is the mandate of a locksmith to develop a key that can override all doors especially during times of emergency.

Master keys come in handy whenever there is a state of emergency. Vehicular security is always guaranteed when a lock technician installs as high-tech lock and alarm system to the car. Since safes and vaults in banks hold a lot of valuable items, the services of a locksmith are highly encouraged. In conclusion, locksmiths strive to provide better living environments for everyone.